What is Affiliate Marketing? Top Spy Tools Used for Spying Affiliate Offers

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Internet penetration and the number of online customers are increasing day by day. It’s because there is a wide range of choices when it comes to buying anything online.

There are several digital marketing technologies adopted by marketers to deliver their products/services online. Among those, Affiliate Marketing is the one towards which most of the users are inclined. So what is it?

Welcome to the world of Affiliate Marketing! Here you don’t have to create new products to earn money. Instead, you can gain profits simply by promoting other people’s products as an affiliate marketer and spy on top affiliate offers using best rated spy tools like AdSpy. Start your AdSpy free trial now!

Yes! Affiliate Marketing is a technique of promoting other people’s products via an affiliate network and earning a commission if people buy the products that you promote. This commission accounts for every new visitor or customer brought in with your own marketing efforts. Thus you can earn a profit for every sale you make.

But you know, it’s not an easy job as there are lots and lots of competitors emerging in this field. Hence to be a successful affiliate marketer, it is vital to identify industry trends and to gain insights about your competitor campaigns. For this purpose, there are some best affiliate marketing tools like AdSpy that will help you spy your competitors and to attain greater success!

Topmost Affiliate Marketing Spy Tools + AdSpy Free Trial

The affiliate spy tools allow you to analyze the statistics and results of everything that your competitors are doing – beginning from the carrier ad to the conversion rate.

And, you can also compare the affiliate network performance, discover the best offers, collect all the information you need to get that competitive advantage that’ll separate you from the slow-moving herd.

Here’s what we’re specifically discussing about:

AdSpy & AdSpy Free Trial

AdSpy is one of the best affiliate ad spying tools available in the market. It is an advanced tool that has several unique features. By making use of our limited time AdSpy free trial, you will definitely experience the quality spy tool in your hands. It offers ultimate search criteria to find an affiliate offer promoted by the ad sellers. You can also search for anything with precise tags such as age range, countries, gender, daily likes, total likes, etc. 

The key features of AdSpy include enhanced basic search, search through comments, accurate demographics, and calling affiliates. It is packed with more data than any other ad spy tool. AdSpy is more affordable as it offers almost unlimited usage for just $149/Month.

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Top Affiliate Spy Tool - AdPlexity

AdPlexity is an advanced and easy to use ad spy tool in the market. It offers different platforms to monitor and analyze push ads, mobile ads, native ads, desktop ads, adult ads, e-commerce ads, and carrier ads. This tool allows you to find the largest traffic data over various countries and affiliate networks. 

Its key features are Filter by keyword, Filter by advertiser, Filter by affiliate, tracking affiliate network, and download landing page. The tool’s pricing ranges between $149-$249 depending on the ad platform. With this tool, you can enjoy in-depth insights into every single campaign available. 


Top Affiliate Spy Tool - SpyPush

SpyPush is a famous and powerful push notification ad spy tool that gives you every detail about your rivals’ top-performing push ads and the best affiliate offers for your ad campaigns. The price and simplicity of this tool’s interface make it perfect for beginners. 

SpyPush costs $49 per month. This price, compared to various spy tools is very cheap. Its main features include keyword filter, GEO filter, Date first show and days running, one-click creative downloads, popularity filter, and activity filter. 


Top Affiliate Spy Tool - Voluum

Voluum is a top-notch affiliate tracking solution. It is a cloud-hosted ad tracking platform that helps you to monitor the performance of your campaigns thereby offering optimization advice as well. With Voluum you can analyze the data from your campaigns, enhance your affiliate business, and you can make sure that your affiliate ad campaigns are more effective.

The pricing for Voluum starts at $69 per month for the entry-level package. With the help of the advanced features, it has showcased itself as a reliable and effective affiliate marketing tracking tool.


Top Affiliate Spy Tool - Mobidea

If you are planning to do affiliate marketing, Mobidea is a very good option. This is a specialized tool providing the best CPA mobile offers to affiliates and helps them to generate more revenue. This is a perfect tool for beginners.

The main features of Mobidea include clustered domains, IP analysis, real-time stats, detailed custom reporting, multiple data centers, action-oriented dashboard, integrated cost update, and much more. Mobidea is priced at $79.99 monthly for push plan and $124.99 monthly for push+native plan. Thus it is a super convenient tool for existing Mobidea affiliates that helps them to run and optimize their campaigns all from within their existing dashboard.